Knight Manager Tutorial

Tutorial for beginners and reference for experienced Knight Managers

Welcome to the RitterManager Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to help beginners get started in the world of RitterManager. The tutorial can be used either as a step-by-step guide to the game or as a reference for game-related matters.
To quickly navigate to a section, use the table of contents at the top of this page.

What is Knight Manager?

Knight Manager is an audio-based game for Amazon Alexa devices. The game is controlled exclusively through voice commands. The interaction always takes place with your Echo device and the Knight Manager Alexa skill. In addition to the game, there is also a [website]( where you can gather information about your knight, view the battle and hunting rankings, and find news about the game. It also provides organized information about provinces, orders, and legends. If you're currently feeling lost, don't worry. We haven't even started the actual game yet. :-)
If you don't own an Echo device, you can alternatively play the game through the Alexa app on your smartphone, tablet, or Windows PC. However, there are some limitations in this case:

In any case, it is recommended to get an Echo device if you plan to play the game for an extended period and want to be successful.
Sometimes during the game, you may not want to listen to the entire output of a given voice command. You can skip the output at any time by simply giving a new command. By doing this, you will only miss the audio output, as the calculations for that point in the game have already been completed. It is not necessary to let all outputs play through every time.
If you ever didn't understand something, you can always have the output repeated. Just say "Repeat."

Creating a Knight

First, we need to create a knight, which will be your character that you'll play with. To do this, simply open the skill on your Echo device by saying, "Alexa, open Knight Manager." If you're using a different wake word, use that instead of "Alexa." Alternatively, on Echo devices with an action button, you can also give a voice command after pressing the button.
Once the skill is opened, you'll hear the sound of a sword followed by a brief introduction. Now, follow the steps described there to give your knight a name. Afterward, your individual character will be created and you're ready to go.
IMPORTANT: If you deactivate the skill and later reactivate it, a new knight will be created. So be careful with commands like "Deactivate Knight Manager," as Alexa will execute it without confirmation.

Linking Your Knight to Your Amazon Account

Before you proceed, it's recommended to link your knight to your Amazon account. This has the advantage of earning you 10 diamonds as a reward for the account link every day, and it allows you to view your profile on the website later on. Additionally, linking your knight to your Amazon account provides an extra layer of security because if you deactivate and reactivate the skill, you can restore your knight by simply linking the skill to your Amazon account again.
To link the skill to your account, open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, go to the RitterManager skill page, and select "Settings." Then choose "Link Account" and follow the on-screen instructions on your device.